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An Overview of The Centre of Science and Technology Research and Development (CSTRAD)


The Centre of Science and Technology Research and Development (“CSTRAD”) was established on 1 July 2010. In line with the Defence White Paper Update 2007, CSTRAD was formed with the sole focus of conducting defence research and development through the application of science and technology in order to provide suitable leading edge technology solutions for the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (“RBAF”) capabilities development and force modernisation. 


To significantly contribute towards shaping and delivering a robust, responsive and resource efficient armed forces, to do this, it is vital for CSTRAD to tap on the best technologies, both military and commercial. This would further be achievable by generating a pool of experts with a wealth of knowledge through the creation of an environment which encourages continuous learning, creativity and innovation for defence applications.

As CSTRAD’s vision is to be a leading science and technology agency for defence and security, it needs to build up a strong community of scientists and engineers. It intends to achieve this through strong collaboration with the universities, research institutes, government departments and the industry to meet the defence and security needs of Brunei Darussalam.

Roles and Functions

CSTRAD’s primary roles and functions are as follows:

•    To advise MINDEF on all defence science and technology matters;
•  To undertake and ensure all acquisition processes associated with RBAF capabilities development and force modernisation are transparent and timely;
•    To design, build and support defence equipment from cradle to grave;
•    To provide technical and scientific assistance to all RBAF operations;
•    To investigate future technologies for defence and security application;
•    To provide engineering and related services in defence areas; and
•    To promote and facilitate the development of defence science and technology community in Brunei Darussalam.


At CSTRAD Our Values are:

•    Professional – We do our work with expert knowledge and skill;
•    Integrity – We maintain a high standard of ethics and managed resources responsibly;
•    Committed – We are committed to do our best; and
•    Innovative – We constantly seek new ideas and encourage creativity to provide solution for our customers.

CSTRAD promotes a working environment which is conducive for creativity through the experimentation and exploration of new ideas and technologies. By fostering such an enabling environment, this would allow CSTRAD as a dynamic organisation to continue to thrive for excellence. With the rapid advancement in technology CSTRAD acknowledges that Human Resources Development is key to building a competent, skilful and productive workforce.

With the formation of the CSTRAD, the Ministry of Defence has achieved another milestone where the Centre is regarded as an essential element of force multiplier and will become the important thrust in shaping the defence strategy and Royal Brunei Armed Force’s modernization.