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46th Anniversary Parade of the RBAF on 31 May 2007

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, in his Titah has welcomed the Ministry of Defence plan to establish a ‘Performance Optimisation Centre’ which includes Sports Science and Sports Medicine as an approach in maintaining and improving soldiers capability and performance.

Defence White Paper 2007
“In line with developing and enhancing RBAF capability in all areas, the performance and well-being of its soldier must be maintained at the maximum level. RBAF must look towards the future and utilise the latest scientific knowledge and technology to optimise the soldier’s performance from conducting research and the evaluation of personal equipment and its impact on the individual, to the method of training them for combat support. A Performance Optimisation Centre therefore needs to be established to fulfill these requirements.”


To be the center of excellence for soldier fitness and conditioning in the RBAF

To monitor and enhance soldiers' performance through research, training policies and injury management





Responsibilities of HQ:

•    To assist in POC’s administration matters

•    To ensure that administration matters (personnel, logistics and training) are managed smoothly and efficiently

•    To ensure efficient utilisation of the POC’s budget

Soldiers Fitness Management Group (SFMG)


•    Functions as the Secretariat for the RBAF Sports Council
•    To forecast RBAF’s annual sporting events
•    To ensure respective RBAF units conduct their assigned sporting activities accordingly
•    To plan and manage the budget for RBAF’s sporting events

Responsibilities of FMG:

•    Functions as the Career Manager for RBAF’s Physical Training Instructors (PTI)
•    To review and enhance RBAF’s fitness and training policies
•    To conduct mandatory courses for PTI at all levels (including personnel from other agencies)
•    To facilitate coaching and referee courses for RBAF personnel

Responsibilities of SFM:

•    To conduct basic, advance and management course for PTIs
•    To conduct courses related for PTIs professional development as required in their competency matrix (e.g. lifesaving course, rock climbing course and referee course)
•    To equip instructors and staff of SFM with the knowledge, skills, certification and accreditation required for conducting the courses

Sports Medicine Clinic (SMC)

Responsibilities of SMC:

•    To manage musculoskeletal injuries and physical rehabilitation for all RBAF and MINDEF personnel

Services provided by SMC:

•    Cryotherapy
•    Ultrasound
•    TENS
•    Shortwave Diathermy
•    Microwave Diathermy
•    Parrafin Wax Bath
•    Spinal Traction
•    Rehabilitation Exercises
•    Mobilisation & Manipulation
•    Sports Massage
•    Kinesio Taping
•    Hydrotherapy
•    Acupuncture

Human Performance Lab (HPL)

Responsibilities of HPL:

•    To support the RBAF in policy making related to soldiers’ performance
•    To educate soldiers on fitness and scientific based training methods (e.g. Physical Training during Ramadhan seminar)
•    To conduct human performance research (e.g. Operations Profiling, Musculoskeletal Injury Surveillance System)
•    To carry out human performance testing (e.g. Fitness Assessment and Screening for Cadets and Recruits)