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General Information - Updated  as of 09/06/2020: All applicants please take note of amended point (h)

(a) Please specify clearly the job vacancies you are applying for by USING THE JOB VACANCY LABELS AVAILABLE on our Website. Applications that do not specify the applied job vacancies using the respective Job Vacancy Labels will not be considered.

(b) Please ensure that you meet the advertised criteria in terms of qualifications and work experience. Applications that do not meet the advertised criteria will not be considered.

(c) Please ensure that all information and details you provide in this application form are ACCURATE AND UP-TO-DATE especially your PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL ADDRESS.

(d)  Job applications WITHOUT submission of TEMD application form will not be considered.

(e) For applicants that are bonded, please ensure that a Bond Release Letter is enclosed with your application. Otherwise, your application will not be considered.

(f) Please enclose the below documents with your application. Applications with missing required documents will not be considered.
i.   Attached Scanned Copy of Identification Card
ii.  Attached Scanned Copy of Passport (Only for non-Bruneians)
iii. Attached Scanned Copy of Passport-sized Photo

(g) TEMD Office will not entertain any physical submission of application form. All application forms should be submitted to TEMD office VIA EMAIL ONLY at

(h) Please submit your Application form as MICROSFT WORD FILE and label it as per our description below:
i.   IC NUMBER/PASSPORT NUMBER – TEMD Job Application Form
ii. Please use your IC Number (without dash) / Passport Number (for Foreign Applicants) as shown on your IC / Passport i.e. XXXXXXXX – TEMD Job Application Form
iii. E.g. 01123456 – TEMD Job Application Form

Contact Details
Contact Number: 2386115 / 2386026
Office Hours:
​Monday - Thursday
​7.30 am - 12.30 pm
2.00 pm - 4.30 pm
​7.30 am - 11.30 am

Application Form

  • ​TEMD Application Form