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Calibration services were first introduced to Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) in 1979 operating as one section under Bolkiah Workshop. As it gradually enlarged its services Calibration Section has its own building named Calibration Centre completed in 1992. The building is located and equipped with enforce features to minimal vibration to traffics, stable temperature and humidity control, minimal electromagnetic interference and an UPS to supply all the electrical needs of the building during a power failure.

In 1996 marked the historic event and achievement, Calibration Centre was officially opened by the Minister of Development and the recognition of first ISO International Standard accreditation awarded by United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS).

The Calibration Centre is owned and funded by the Government of His Majesty Sultan dan Yang Dipertuan of Brunei Darussalam through the Ministry of Defence. It is maintained to support the equipment of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence. To widen its services across the nation commencing 01 June 2009 the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) is pleased to announce that its Calibration Centre has open its services to all Government departments and to private sectors.

Measurement Standard is necessary for industries, trades, military and science. For the Military, the reliability and accuracy of modern weapons and engineering systems is totally dependent upon the quality of precision equipment used to measure, calibrate, gauge, test or inspect these systems. The accuracy of the precision measuring equipment can be assured only through a programme of maintenance and periodic calibration traceable to international standards. The Calibration Centre is ISO\IEC 17025 accredited through United Kingdom Accreditation Services in the scopes of electrical and mechanical metrology. The calibrations services are performed in accordance with the measurement standards traceable to SI unit of measurements.





The followings are calibration services offered in the Calibration Centre. Some of the calibration offered may not be an accredited calibration but the calibration will be traceable to the standard. Please refer to the UKAS Calibration Schedule registered as Ministry of Defence Laboratory, No. 509 or follow the link below for clarification on our accredited services.

Schedule of Accreditation

Electrical and Electronics
Ø  Digital  and Analogue Multimeters
Ø  Frequency Standards
Ø  Microwave Synthesized Signal Generators
Ø  Synthesized Signal Generators
Ø  Decade Capacitance Boxes
Ø  AC/DC Calibrators
Ø  LCR Bridges
Ø  Wheatstone Bridges
Ø  Communication Test Set
Ø  DC Power Supplies
Ø  Electrical Transducers
Ø  RF Power Generator
Ø  Audio Analyzers
Ø  Audio Meter
Ø  Wave Analyzers
Ø  Distortion Analyzers
Ø  Spectrum Analyzers
Ø  AM/FM Modulation Meters
Ø  Oscilloscopes and Calibrators
Ø  RF Power Meters
Ø  Power Sensors
Ø  Universal Frequency Counters
Ø  Insulation Testers
Ø  High Power Wattmeters
Ø  Pulse Generator
Ø  Angle Position Indicators
Ø  Decade Resistance Boxes
Ø  Decade Capacitance Boxes
Ø  Clamp meters
o    Calibration of Light Meters
o    Calibration of Audio Meter and Sound Level Meter
Mass/Force Instruments:
Ø   Precision Weights (Class-E2 and below)
Ø   Digital Analytical Balances
Ø   Analog Weighing Scales
Ø   Mechanical Weighing Scales
Ø   Spring Balances
Ø   Force Gauges
Ø   Tensiometer
Pressure Instruments:
Ø   Hydraulic Deadweight Testers
Ø   Digital Pressure Calibrators
Ø   Pressure / Vacuum Gauges
Ø   Pressure Switches
Air Data Instruments:
Ø   Altimeter
Ø   Air-Speed Indicator
Ø   Rate-of-Climb Indicator
Ø   Pitot-Static Leak Tester
Ø   Parachute Actuator Tester
Ø  Check & Fill Test Set
Dimensional / Linear Instruments:
Ø    Gauge Blocks Sets
Ø    External/Internal Micrometers
Ø    Vernier Calipers
Ø    Depth Micrometers
Ø    Digital / Dial Test Indicators
Ø    Height Gages
Ø    Cylindrical Rings / Plugs
Ø    Precision Angle Indicators
Ø  Coating Thickness Gauge
Ø  Talyvel system
Ø  Profile Projector
Ø  Tachometer Calibrator
Temperature and Humidity Indicators:
Ø   Digital RTD Thermometer Indicators
Ø   Temperature Bath
§  -5°C to 100°C
§  -80°C to 125°C
§  30°C to 300°C
Ø   Humidity Generator
Ø   0% to 100%RH
Ø   Humidity Indicator
Ø   Temperature / Humidity Chart Recorder
Torque Instruments:
Ø   Torque Wrenches/Screw Drivers
Ø   Power-Dyne Torque Tools
Ø   Digital/Analog Torque Testers
Ø   Torque Radius Arm

For large or fixed equipment or part of an installation which can’t be moved or equipment sensitive to transportations which may cause damage and deterioration, we offered an on-site calibration. Please call for more information.

*To minimise the time of customer's equipment registration the Job Indent form is available to download.



1. Customer should request for quotation (all price quoted is in Brunei Dollars only) from Calibration Centre through email ( or fax 2380643.

(Notes: All detail of each equipment should be provided. Such as Equipment name, Model, Serial number and Manufacturer as we require this information before we can quote the price)

2. Customer should reply once they received the formal quotation from Calibration Centre by signing the   quotation with the P.O. The calibration work will be commence once Calibration Centre received the approval from the customer.

3. Customer required to fill the form *download*(refer to appendix 4) which need to be send along with the equipment to Calibration Centre.

(Notes: Calibration Centre does not provide transportation for collecting or delivering of equipment to its customer site)

4. Calibration Centre will perform calibration only to equipment that has been agreed in the contract.       Equipment coming-in faulty will not be accepted.

5. The turn-round time or the completion of job for established measurement shall take no longer than   one month but subjected to the current workload and nature of work.

6. Cancellation of order after the execution of work is liable to charges of up to 30% from quoted price.

7. Equipment will not be released to customer until full payment of services has been paid (Customer need to get the invoices which will be provided by the Calibration Centre once the equipment is calibrated). However, companies which have strong financial position or good funding reputation are an exception.

8. The equipment leaving Calibration Centre is fully calibrated. Once leaving Calibration Centre it is not guarantee the item is still complying with specification. These are due to factors such as environmental condition, short term drift and stability. However, if the equipment is proved not complying with its specification by reason of faulty workmanship Calibration Centre under its own discretion will check and re-calibrate the item for free.

Contact Us

Calibration Centre
Ministry of Defence
Bolkiah Garrison BB3510
Brunei Darussalam

 Tel : 2386475 / 2386469
Fax : 2380643
International Fax : +6732380643
e-mail :


*To minimise the time of customer's equipment registration the Job Indent form is available to download.