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The Royal Brunei Airforce (RBAirF) was initially established to fly doctors to remote areas that cannot be accessed by road. Now, in efforts to defend the nation’s airspace, RBAirF bears the responsibility of carrying out patrols along the nation’s land and maritime borders, on top of providing assistance to other enforcement national agencies.

The establishment of the unit which was kick-started by two pilots from Worldwide Helicopters Company continually grew through the acquisition and subsequent formation of the Bell, MBB Bolkow 105 CB, Blackhawk S70, CN235-110, PC7 MK II, as well as short-range air defence system Mistral. No. 1 Squadron which is responsible for Blackhawk S70i helicopters plays the role in providing transport for troop lift and equipments. No. 2 Squadron has the responsibility which encompasses air to ground firing support, border patrol and air medical transport. Blackhawk S70 helicopters on the other hand, are stationed in No. 4 Squadron which is capable of operating at night, and has the capability to provide transportation for personnel and equipment, conduct search and rescue and give assistance in fire fighting. On top of these roles, No. 2 Squadron also performs maritime patrol duties. CN235-110 aircraft is assigned to No. 5 Squadron, has the responsibility to perform maritime patrol, search and tracking, as well as transportation of personnel. Aircrafts namely PC7 Mk II and Bell 206B Jet Ranger are two types of aircrafts stationed at the No. 6 Squadron which are used to train potential pilots as crewmembers. Each squadron operates from Rimba Air Force Base.

Parachute Airborne Tactical Delivery Unit (PATDU), with the help of helicopters services from No. 1 and No. 4 Squadrons provide Jungle Rescue Team, as well as the ability to carry out tasks using parachutes or tactical supply using parachutes into the jungles of Brunei. RBAirF also has its own Fire Brigade unit to provide emergency assistance in case of air accidents.