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   The library newsletter is published 3 times a year which highlights new events,            collections, programs and services to those interested to know about the welfare of    the library.


   The Defence and Security Bulletins are published every month.


   Copies of the journal contents pages of your choice can be automatically e-mailed to    you when the journal is received by the library. ​



   If you keep us informed of your subject interests we can let you know of any                  relevant new books or journal articles as soon as they are available in the library.


   It is the mission of the library to respond to the informational needs of users by          providing equal access to extensive and relevant resources that meet users’   interests. In keeping with this mission, the library provides users with access to         free, high-speed internet which can be accessed via laptops or mobile devices. A           number of dedicated computers are also accessible in the e-Zone for internet access.   Access to the internet is only during when the library is open. 


   The library also offers free, high-speed wireless access (Wi-Fi) to users. Wi-Fi is            available at all times during library opening hours which can be accessed using            laptops or any devices that can access the Wi-Fi signal. In order to access the                  internet using the library wireless connection, users can request password tokens      at the library counter. 


   Photocopying services are provided for users’ convenience. A copier is located in          front of the library counter. Photocopying is charged at :

  •      - 3 cents per copy for A4 size paper 
        - 5 cents for A3 size paper. 

       This is a self-service facility.  Course participants do need to pay photocopying                   charges during the duration of their course.​


   Past newspapers are scanned as images in PDF format and saved into CD-ROMs            which are available for viewing in the Library. With these, users can explore and          discover the current, historical, local and international news.


   Book returns can be made through the 24/7 Bookdrop machine (Drive-Through),        located on the right side of the library building. 



 Loan services can be made at the Self-Check System located at the e-Zone. 








   Lockers are available at the entrance hall for users to put their belongings before          entering the library. Keys can be requested from the counter staff.