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The library offers a range of facilities available for users, from a space to read, to rooms
 for discussions, meetings, trainings and exhibitions. Rooms marked with an asterisk
are available for courses and/or meetings. To reserve these rooms, please see or
contact the Library staff at the Enquiry desk on 2385588 or email

Bookings must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.


This room is situated on the first floor and can be used for courses, briefings or presentations. The room can accommodate up to 40 people. 


This room is an additional discussion area which is open to all library users. It is 
located on the first floor next to the Meeting Room and can accommodate 4-6 persons
. Users wishing to carry out private discussions may reserve this room through the
 library staff. 


The library also provides a ‘Muzakarah’ Room situated on the first floor. This room can
be used as a private discussion area for senior MINDEF and RBAF members. 


The meeting room is situated next to the Lecture Room. This room is
available for meetings, conferences, seminars and discussions. It can
accommodate around 10 people comfortably and is equipped with a portable
projector and a white board. 


 The discussion room is situated on the ground floor and can be used for presentations
 and meetings. The room can be separated by a partition and can accomodate 6 - 12 


Study Zone are available to use and do not require booking. These study zone are
situated next to the main reading area towards the back of the library. There are 10
study zone for individual study.


The main reading area is located on the ground floor of the library. It can 
accommodate up to 30 people with informal seating. 




This area is near the main reading area where users can sit at their own leisure.
The area provides light reading and browsing of newspapers and magazines and
does not require booking. 


The Study Carrels are located on the First Floor. There are altogether 4 study carrels
and also extra informal seating within the same area. 

New OPAC PC is station at one of the Study Carrels for user to search for material.




Located near the Entrance Hall, this area exhibits the latest resources and
information found in library. 


There are 19 internet terminals and 1 MINDEF Kiosk terminal located at the
e-Zone. Internet access is free. Users are required to register and scan any drives
(if any) prior to using PCs.



Next to the e-Zone area is the Rainbow Room where the children books collection
is located. The books are available in both English Language and Bahasa Melayu
. Age range is between 5 to17 years old. 




At the end of the first floor corridor
is the Prayer Room (bilik ibadat)
with ablution (wudhu)
facilities available nearby. 


The Tarindak Café is located outside the library just a few steps away making it
easily accessible to everyone who wishes to relax and have some sips of coffee to 
drink while doing some work in the library. The seating area includes table, chairs 
and sofas as well as an outside area for those who prefer a more casual atmosphere
and fresh air. This bright and open space café is a great choice for breakfast and
lunch. It offers a wide variety of simple menu such as fried rice,noodles, sandwiches
and toasts along with coffee, tea and juices. 

Cafe Opening Hours

​Monday to Thursday
0700H - 1600H

0700H - 1100H 
1430H - 1600H

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday