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Director of Logistics


Directorate of Logistics was established in November 1986. The Directorate is made up of a number of departments responsible for the full range of logistic activity:- supply, equipment support, housing and transport and movement.

The Directorate is responsible for formulating policy and Regulations such as Engineering, Materiel and Housing. In addition the Departments are involved in the day to day management of their respective systems covering topics such as management of UET, provision of Transport and Movements support, the provision and allocation of Housing, overseeing the Force wide repair process, as well as responsibility for the purchasing of SOP 20 items. As the managers of DEFLIS the Directorate is introducing a world class integrated logistic system which will provide a Force wide system giving us the capability to link unit QMs and LADs direct to Logistic Depots and Workshops. The purchasing of stores will become automated right from QMs and Stores Sections through to Logistic Depots and DFP. The approvals process for items such as SOP 20 equipment will also become automated.

Ensuring the effective operation of the Supply Chain through the accurate use of DEFLIS and Regulations is a major task, with a heavy involvement in unit FFRs and regular meetings with Service SO2 G4s. In the future this role is set to expand with the creation of a dedicated audit team with responsibility for ensuring that all logistic processes are fully understood and complied with.

The Directorate is also the focus for International Logistics. It is responsible for negotiating bilateral support arrangements such Memorandums of Understanding (MOU). To facilitate this the Directorate is an active member of PASOLS and will be hosting 25 Nations here in Brunei in September this year.


"To Sustain Defence Effectiveness"

  • Formulate Logistics Policy and Doctrine
  • Produce Logistics Policy and Regulations
  • Coordinate Tri-Service Logistics Activity
  • Manage Tri-Service Logistics Budgets
  • Provide Advice and guidance on Logistics Matters
  • Ensure Unit Compliance with Logistics Regulations
  • Coordinate and Direct Training for Logistics Officers and other ranks
  • Engage in Logistics Cooperation with other nations and external agencies

Force Transport: This unit is responsible in providing & coordinating the needs of transportation in the RBAF.

Medical Services: This unit is responsible for providing health & medical services, medical coverage and coordinating courses related to health services.

Dental: This unit is responsible for providing dental advice and treatment for RBAF personnel and their immediate family members.

Fire Services: This unit is responsible for providing and coordinating life saving efforts and protect RBAF and external agencies belongings.

Central Cataloguing Unit: This unit is responsible for maintaining the Global Catalogue for all items purchased and used in the RBAF by assigning NATO numbers (where available) and providing detailed descriptions of the items.

RSSD: This unit is responsible for assisting the Write off Committee in preparing and processing obsolete items, returned items and/or items that are beyond economical repair.