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Director of Development and Work Services

Hajah Marliyana binti Haji Abdullah Fung was appointed as the Director of Development and Work Services (DDWS) of the Ministry of Defence on January 2015. As the Director, her responsibility lies in leading the organization and convey organizational direction, values, policy and strategic objectives. She oversees the administration and management of DDWS and is also responsible for managing and administering Mindef & RBAF infrastructure development projects.

Right after graduating, she was enlisted into DDWS, Mindef as an Engineer in January 1992. She was the project officer for the planning and implementation of a major project; RBAF Lumut Camp. In her 24 years of service, she served in several appointments within DDWS, Mindef. Prior to her appointment as Director, she held the appointment of Assistant Director for 8 years where she led the DDWS management team and achieved the certification of ISO 9001 Quality Management System in 2009. She also led a team for the production of Mindef and RBAF Infrastructure Guidelines, which was officially launched on 13 June 2013. To add, she was also a Facilitator of DDWS Kumpulan Kerja Cemerlang (KKC).

She was appointed as the Executive Engineer in 2001 for the Head of Maintenance Work Services Section (now known as the Estate Maintenance Section), being actively involved with the improvements of RBAF camps maintenance system and was the Head of DDWS KKC project.

Hajah Marliyana attended the Brunei Executive Development Programme in Mindef in collaboration with Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore in 2008.

She received her secondary and pre-university education at Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan. In 1988, she was awarded with a Government Scholarship to study Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds, England where she graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in 1991. She is a Chartered Civil Engineer and attained membership to the Institution of Civil Engineers, UK on December 1998. She is also a member of Chartered Management Institute, UK since October 2015.

She has been conferred with State Decorations and Awards which include Pingat Indah Kerja Baik (P.I.K.B) for work merit, The Most Blessed Order of Setia Negara Brunei 4th Class (P.S.B) and Long Service Medal (P.K.L)

She is married to Haji Idris bin Haji Mohd Ali and has one son and two daughters. She enjoys travelling, cooking, piloxing, hi-lo toning and spending precious time with family.



Before the Directorate of Development and Works Services (DDWS) was established in 1986, the Directorate was led by two main sections: Garrison Engineer (GE) and Project Liaison Officer (PLO). GE is responsible for maintaining the entire of RBAF estates, while PLO is responsible for planning and implementing new projects. After 1986, both sections were merged together to form the Directorate of Development and Work Services (DDWS).


Quality, Sustainable and Smart Mindef Infrastructure


To Develop High Quality Infrastructure and Optimal Maintenance of Ministry of Defence Estates

DDWS is committed to the above Vision and Mission by providing effective and efficient services to meet the requirements of all customers (internal and external) and stakeholders and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.


Provision of effective service in:

•    Management and implementation of MinDef projects

•    Maintenance management of MinDef Estates

•    General administration of DDWS

•    Management of budget for DDWS

•    Management of research, information technology and system for DDWS


•    Manage and implement National Development Plan (NDP) and Departmental projects required by MinDef.

•    Effective maintenance (planning, provision of assistance and technical services) of MinDef estates in all ten (10) camps.





The Directorate of Development and Works Services (DDWS) is one of the nine (9) Directorates within the Ministry of Defence under the authority of the Permanent Secretary and is directly under the Deputy Permanent Secretary (Defence Policy and Development). The Directorate is headed by a Director and supported by 2 Assistant Directors.

The Directorate has three sections namely Administration, Finance and Research & IT Section, Development Project Section, and Estate Maintenance Section. The total number of staffs is 165 personnel.

Administration, Finance and Research & IT Section is responsible for managing:

1.    General administration and training.

2.    Budget, payment and project monitoring & documentation.

3.    Research and  IT infrastructure & system.

Development Project Section is responsible for:

1.    Planning and providing MinDef facilities.

2.    Designing and preparing project cost estimates for budget application.

3.    Preparing tender documents and contracts.

4.    Coordinating and monitoring of projects from inception to completion.

5.    Preparing and verifying payments.

Estate Maintenance Section is responsible for:

1.    Planning building and facilities maintenance and mechanical & electrical (M&E) equipments within MinDef.

2.    Providing advice and technical services to MinDef and RBAF.

3.    Preparing tender documents and contracts, and supervising the projects related to maintenance and term contracts.

4.    Providing assistance in MinDef and RBAF activities and festive occasions.

5.    Building and/or equipment write-off and demolitions.



The first certification of ISO 9001 Standard Quality Management System was achieved by DDWS as early as 2009. The certification is awarded based on the management and implementation of MinDef projects, maintenance management of MinDef Estates, general administration and  management of budget for DDWS. This multi-site certification applies to the DDWS HQ, Development Project Section, Estate Maintenance Section and its branches, as well as the Administration and Finance Section. These ISO 9001 documents include those containing Work Procedure Manual, Responsibilities and Authority, Quality Manual and Forms.

With the certification, the objectives that were successfully met are as follow: (i) the management system is compliant with all the requirements of the audit standard; (ii) the management system is able to achieve the basic objectives of the organisation; and (iii) the organisation had implemented the planned arrangement effectively.

Currently DDWS is in the process of transitioning from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015. A Consultant has been appointed and awareness training has been conducted progressively for all the officers and staff of DDWS. The existing systems will be reviewed and training on the Internal Auditor Transition will be conducted until DDWS is ready for the Certification of Body Audit.


•    How to get a copy of the tender/quotation document?

Tender / Quotation document can be collected at the following address:

Directorate of Development & Works Services
Block D, Level 1
MinDef Building,
Bolkiah Garrison BB3510

•    How to participate? Tenders are open to contractors registered with the Ministry of Development.

•    How to get info? Tender information will be published on the MinDef website,

     Pelita Brunei and DDWS office.


Directorate of Development and Work Services
Ministry of Defence
Bolkiah Garrison BB3510
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Tel No: 2386939 (Helpline)
Fax No: 2382156

Estate Maintenance Section branches Hotline:


Bolkiah……………..2382790 / 2382785 / 2380567




Airbase Rimba…….2348379



Sg Akar…………….2333476

Defence Academy...2367259 ext 26259