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It’s a relief to see that Futrelle is back on my case again. I was feeling a bit neglected lately, and wondered whether I still had it in me to stir up his cat lady audience. That question has been answered in the affirmative.

So, since it’s been such a long time, I thought I’d look through his comments for some more self-validation. I found that and then some ridiculousness on top of it. My post on Ray Rice that argued that women who stay in abusive relationships are partly responsible for subsequent violence, in the same way that alligator wrestlers and snake handlers are partly responsible when they are bitten, had some of the ladies fanning themselves and making exclamations of horror.

But most informative were the lengths some would go to in trying to explain why women’s choices have absolutely nothing to do with anything nasty that might befall them, and are always valid and rational in any event.

One commenter, aptly named “Policy of Madness” came out with some real doozies:

Here’s a perspective, for whoever wants it and for whatever it’s worth. There is a concept in economics that says that people always do what is in their own best interests, to the best of their knowledge. In other words, you always do the best thing, for you, at the time when you do it.

I want to repeat that: If you stayed in a bad and abusive relationship for any number of days or months or years, you did the best thing, for you, at the time.

That may seem counterintuitive, and you may regret staying as long as you did, for any number of reasons. You may think you should have left sooner. That’s a legit feeling, but the only way your actions could have changed would be for your circumstances to have changed. You could have had more/different information and reached a different decision, for instance. But, factually, at the time, your circumstances were what they were, and your information was what it was, and based on the situation at hand you made a rational decision, and that decision was the correct decision based on the information you possessed.

So, why did Janay Rice marry that dude after what he did to her? I don’t know, but I know this: the decision she made was the correct one, the best and most rational option available to her. If it doesn’t seem that way to me, that’s because I don’t have the same set of information that she does.