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Re “healthy for a man”, well, duh, of course it’s healthy for the man with multiple wives (except inasmuch as he’ll face sync’d periods and multiple mothers-in-law).
It can also be healthy for the women involved – it’s a lot easier to luxuriate in leisure, have a cute little power-grrl career, and even play occasional reindeer games with strapping young bucks** when you only have to do 1/8 of the washing and the childcare.

The distribution of wives is zero-sum, though. If 25% of the male population averages 4 wives, then 75% of the population will average zero wives. And it doesn’t even have to be that bad to matter; if even 15-20% of the males in society are womanless, then certain social disharmony results. Google the study by Hudson and Den Boer, for a primer.
If polygamy catches on in Western societies, even in seemingly negligible quantities, the seeds of disaster are sown. Let’s say that a mere 2% of the population has 5 wives, another 3% has three, and another 5% has two – that’s already going to guarantee a male population that’s 19% “bare branches”. The higher-SES bare branches will produce the likes of George Sodini. The lower-SES bare branches will produce aspiring thugs who will stop at nothing, especially killing the beloved polygamous patriarchs, to invert the hierarchy.

Not to mention that this problem is amplified and compounded in today’s society, what with all the technology that’s around. If a poor “bare branch” peasant in some desert hellhole gets pissed off, he might, at worst, kill a couple of people. One bare branch with the resources that abound in Western countries could turn an entire city into a smoking crater.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget one more thing: Those guys who are actually gonna get the wives? They’re the guys who know how to broker power. They’re not generally gonna be the types who invent stuff and push society forward. So, pretty much immediately, those inventor types will stop giving much of a damn; and within a couple of generations, most of those inventive, profitable, and socially beneficial genes will be goners.

Y’know, there are good reasons why EVERY polygamous society is either (a) hopelessly backward, primitive, and violent, producing tangible capital through slavery if it produces said capital at all, or (b) parasitic upon monogamous societies for technology, resources, and succor for emigrants.
ALL of them.
Every last one.

So, yeah, no thanks. If guys (or women) want polygamy, they can get the hell out of my country and go someplace where that’s the norm.
And you know full well I’m the type who could accumulate a pretty nice harem pretty fast, if that were my thing, so I speak without any personal bias or axe to grind.

**Behind the patriarch’s back, of course, but maybe not – after all, those aging (brit: ageing) erections couldn’t possibly satisfy all his wives, now, could they.