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Notice, no special pick-up line or opener. Just very simple and straightforward. She starts talking to me, and instantly, we connect. She's a textiles & clothing major, and I just so happen to know a lot about style and fabrics (my mom is a seamstress at a shop she owns).

Throughout the entire night, I would do this. I would find our commonalities, and expand on them. For instance, she loves N.E.R.D. (a band) and Pharrell. However, she didn't know about any of the underground stuff, or how some of the beats on songs are different for the European versions.

I then look up. I see two of my buddies going from girl to girl. If I see it, then I'm sure women see it. To be blunt, these guys are looking for the easy way out, by using techniques and routines. Instead, they should do what very few of us do, instead of concentrating on women, take that energy, and turn it inwards on yourself.

The above is why I will still attract women, even if I never approach a single woman ever again. They come to me because I didn't take the easy way out. I am up everyday by 6AM improving myself. Take note.

Back to the night. She's definitely into me. I sit down, she follows without me asking her to...

Barbie Doll: "So, where do you work?"

Me: "I build Smurf villages."

She laughs...

Barbie Doll: "Seriously."

I look at her with the straightest face ever.

Me: "The place where the little blue creatures live."

Her smile leaves her face...

Me: "Calm down, you know I'm just fucking with you."

Barbie Doll: "Oh my god! I can never tell when you're being serious or when you're joking around."

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