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Unsustainable results have ranged from a proliferation of never-married thirty-somethings, to abominable divorce rates with dysfunctional single parenting, to single *grandmothers* cranking out artificially conceived children.

by Noone on 2004 Dec 2 - 12:54 | reply to this comment
Feminism was not ALWAYS a lie
Women did not gain political equality in 1920. They gained the right to vote. The two are not synonymous. Blacks were given the right to vote in 1869, but quite obviously that didn't give them political equality.

My grandmother told me that in her day (WWII era) women couldn't get credit without a husband to sign. That meant if a woman was widowed or her man ran out on her, she had a rough time of it. If her oven broke and she went to Sears to replace it, she was screwed without a husband to sign for a loan.

I know women of my mother's generation whose career goals were hampered by misogynists. My aunt studied to be a doctor, which was fairly progressive for a woman in her day (1970s). She earned top honors in her class, but had to file a lawsuit to get them because the dean refused to give top honors to a woman. I took a stage design class in college, and the professor told us that she'd turned to teaching after being repeatedly rebuffed from entering set construction because at the school she went to, the set master refused to teach women. Sure, she could've fought harder, gone to a less prestigious school, etc. But why should she have to? It's not right for someone to block your way based on your sex, your race, your religion, what have you. It's not right for a woman to be considered a second class citizen, because it perpetrates real injustice. Being angry when you've been discriminated against is not "pissiness." Sadly, so many women have cried wolf in regard to what they perceive as discrimination that real instances are lumped in with these false alarms.

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