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 “So long Playboy. Can’t say I’ll miss you that much, but thanks for this last laugh.”
Heh, Playboy was a joke even back in the 80′s.

There’s a lot of hand-wringing about whether or not it’s politically correct to raise your kids in one place or another, and a lot of guilt-tripping about life choices regarding where one chooses to live. For example, a lot of leftists despise suburbs and want everyone to live in densely populated cities. Still, even those who mouth leftist slogans often have a change of heart when their kids reach school age.

Although I don’t like the hypocrisy, I fully understand why they engage in it. Your kids are more important than trendy slogans and political positions. If you think otherwise, you might not be psychologically suited for parenthood.

So here’s my formula, which applies to the vast majority of American parents:

If, for whatever reason, you would be afraid to put your kids in the neighborhood public school, you should move somewhere else.

With the exception of the extremely rich, who can afford real insulation, it applies even to parents who want to put their kids in a private school, because the local public school’s quality speaks volumes about the neighborhood, which is also important.

It’s a very simple test, and only requires honesty with oneself, which is a lot easier when you’re thinking about your children.

Most people already go by it, but if every parent followed this formula, it would require cities and other leftist-ruled areas to enact reform or face demographic death.