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Air Force Sergeant Major



Warrant Officer 1 (U) Muhd Syahiran Bin Haji Abu Bakar was born on 22 February 1976. He joined the Royal Brunei Armed Forces on 18 April 1994 and joined the Royal Brunei Air Force  on 28 November 1994. He was promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal in 1999 and to Corporal in 2001. He was promoted from the rank of Sergeant in 2006 to Staff Sergeant in 2009. In 2010, he was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer II and to Warrant Officer I in 24 June 2014.

During his service, he held numerous appointments such as Parachute Instructor, Qualified Despatcher Instructor as well as Senior Troop Instructor while serving in the Parachute Airborne Tactical Delivery Unit (PATDU) as. During his service in PATDU, he was also trained the as the Team Leader for Jungle Rescue Team. On 15 May 2010, he was posted to Ops Wing as the Wing Sergeant Major. After a few months, he was appointed as the Royal Brunei Air Force Drill Sergeant Major on 28 April 2010. He is currently the Royal Brunei Air Force Sergeant Major, a command appointment he has been holding since 31 May 2014.Throughout his career, he has undergone various local and overseas courses such as the 42nd Rigger Door Bundle in 1999, 165th Basic Airborne Course in 2001, Rappelling Instructor in 2004 as well as Combat Medic and Medical Technician in 2010 which was all conducted in Singapore. Warrant Officer 1 (U) Muhd Syahiran was also given the opportunity to attend the Military Parachute, High Altitude Low Opening Course at the Special Service Group, Pakistan in 2007.

He has keen interest in Football, Futsal and Cycling with RBAF Cycling Team. He is married to Nora Bte Samsu and blessed with two daughters.