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  The Directorate of Capability Development is design as a one stop agency responsible to implement both the Ministry of Defence short to medium term and long term plans to equip the Royal Brunei Armed Forces with appropriate capability in order to accomplish the RBAF roles, responsibilities and mission as laid out in Defence White Paper 2004 and 2007 update.  The directorate will also recommend updates for long term capability requirements suitable for RBAF in order to meet the ever changing security situation and climate.



  • To deliver Robust, Responsive and Resource Efficient Armed Force.



  • To implement capital acquisition as guided by the
    Defence White Paper Update 2007


The concept of the proposed organisation is to ensure all aspect of the capability development requirements and their supporting elements in the RBAF are addressed by the directorate.  This will include managing and request for budget allocation for capability development requirements.  The main guidance for the capability development and planning for the directorate shall be the Defence White Paper 2004 and Defence White Paper 2007 update, and it is this directorate responsibility to implement those specified capability to the RBAF. Acquisition of new platforms and assets to fill existing capability gaps shall be in compliance with the Defence White Paper 2007 priorities of development. 

With a constantly evolving technological advancement, the Directorate will also embark on analysis of potential future capability requirements for the RBAF. Integration between technology and operational doctrines will be critical. This will in carried out in tandem by developing and evaluating future operational concept and doctrines through trials and experimentation to enable force transformation in RBAF capabilities.

            Capability support and enablers are also within The Directorate's function. The Directorate will act as trigger point for any requirement identified either by the unit concerned or the Directorate.  This includes the production of recommendations for manpower requirements, continuation training and support infrastructure is put in place to ensure that the acquired capability and that the Life Cycle Cost is fully optimized. All new platform and major system will be Life Cycle Cost appreciated to ensure affordability.